If I had to give it to somebody I’d give it to Kobe,canada jacket outlet

The Deseret Morning News (Tim Buckley) reports: Carlos Boozer was asked Monday about the NBA MVP candidacy of New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul, cheap clothing, whom the Jazz will see tonight. The Jazz’s All-Star power forward opted instead to endorse another Western Conference guard,north face coat, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. “For what (Paul) does for that team, and the way he affects it,columbia winter jacket, I think (he’s a deserving candidate),” Boozer said. “I think Kobe’s the favorite. If I had to give it to somebody I’d give it to Kobe,canada jacket outlet, or Kevin Garnett because of what he did for Boston. “But I’m not taking anything away from Chris Paul,Women's Spring - Summer 2010 catwalks_2373,spyder womens jackets,” he added. “Those are my two. Maybe even (Cleveland’s) LeBron (James) may be ahead of (Paul) a little bit,the north face,Oslo Hoodie by Ambiguous at Sturban Clothing_574, even though (James&rsquo team has lost a little (too much) for me. Great player,spyder men's jacket, though.”


Boozer says Kobe is MVP favorite


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